IFF pictures and anims viewer, cdxl as well

Started by ebanite, December 23, 2012, 05:28:18 PM

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Hi guys,
i wrote an app for win, that allow to load and view almost all iff file format (pictures,anims,sounds), it's still incomplete, but i wont to realese a beta version for who need it.
it can load pictures with color cycle, dynamic palette, aga e ecs/ocs, it can display iff from PC world (PBM), and almost all anim format (5,7s,7l,8s,8l,J), with sounds as well (ssnd,sctl,anfi).
it has a information panel to give you a tree-view of iff-structure. it can load CDXL and VAXL (a custom anim format).
feel free to coment.
(don't ask me for iff pictures or anim. I can't upload due to copyright )

happy xmas
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...i forgot to say it can load AMOS sprites and icons, and packed pictrures.
More is coming....
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Cheers, I'll give it a whirl once I get some other stuff done. :)
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Sounds great. Will download it and give it a try :)


I gave it a try and it's awesome. I was a little concerned at first when the window appeared with nothing in it (all black), but then I accidentally clicked the right-button on my mouse and discovered the menu :)

I was able to load in a whole bunch of .IFF images, AMOS sprite and icon images. I love being able to pull apart the IFF images using the structure option to see all the different parts that make up the IFF image (e.g. CMAP, AMSC etc.) :)

Not sure what OS it was intended to run on, but I ran it on my laptop which has Windows 2000 SP4 installed on it. (Yes, even my modern equipment is retro!)


thanks for your reply Lonewolf10, the base os is XP, the original idea was to make a library for my "Amos for windows" (an old project still in progress), bored to programming parser, grammer interpreter and compiler, i took a break to make that library to import any amos files, now i'm developping the audio support, not only tracker and amos music, but many more, without using external library (fmod etc..)...cross finger..
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Was there supposed to be an attachment to this thread? I don't see it anywhere, even with images turned on.


Quote from: Minuous on July 16, 2020, 08:10:30 AM
Was there supposed to be an attachment to this thread? I don't see it anywhere, even with images turned on.

No, just explaining how to do it.
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