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Author Topic: How to play online Amiga games using Linux  (Read 3242 times)


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How to play online Amiga games using Linux
« on: February 06, 2008, 04:06:47 PM »

Ok, beleive it or not, not everyone uses windows but i have recently discovered that linux users such as myself need not be left out of the fun to be had playing amiga games over the internet.  This should work for most distros i can imagine but i can confirm that using the latest version of Wine with Mandriva 2008 they pritty much just unpack and play as they would on a windows system.  Here is how i did it with Mandriva!

First, make sure you have the `backports` repositories setup (you can use http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/ to do this)  You will then need to install the latest version of wine which should show up in the software manager after doing this (can confirm works with wine 0.9.54).  If you try with earlier versions you will probably find you just get a black screen on startup.

Your wine settings should be:  Windows XP with the `allow window manager to control windows` setting unchecked.  Also no direct 3d support and audio acceleration set to `full`.

You can then just unpack your amiga online zip file, cd in the directory and run the .exe with wine... For example:

$ cd '/home/jason/Amiga/Amiga Online/049 - Croak! - Croak 2'

$ wine WinUAEXP-Kaillera.exe

That will start the game pack and from then on if you get stuck you can just follow the original guide as normal!  One thing tho, using the command above starts the pack fine for me but there is no sound during the game.  This may not affect you, but if it does you can use the `soundwrapper` command as well included with Mandriva.  Im not sure what the equilivent would be for other distros.  So the command would be:

$ cd '/home/jason/Amiga/Amiga Online/049 - Croak! - Croak 2'

$ soundwrapper wine WinUAEXP-Kaillera.exe

Of course if you are creative and have a few seconds to spare you need not use the shell to launch your games each time and can make your own shortcuts in the kde menu (example below).

Launching Amiga Online from the KDE menu.

Creating an online game.

Playing a game of `Croak`.

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