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Author Topic: MorphOS on Mac Mini  (Read 3424 times)


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MorphOS on Mac Mini
« on: November 29, 2009, 03:08:11 PM »

Do you know MorphOS? No? But you know AmigaOS.

MorphOS is a PowerPC development of AmigaOS 3.1 and runs on a Quark QNX microkernel. Normally it runs on Amiga PowerPC cadrs, the Pegasos II or the EFIKA board. But now there's a new platform: The Mac Mini G4!

MorphOS is one thing: FAST! It's awesome, a standard system boots in 5 seconds on the Mini. Programs are nearly directly started after you've clicked the icon. It can play HD720i already on an 1 GHz Pegasos II. Because of a very good 68K emulation it is able to run nearly every Amiga program which is not using the Amiga custom chips. For old things there is UAE, it is working very good because it doesn't need a special 68K emulation. MorphOS can also run AmigaOS 4 programs with an emulator package. Dual boot with OS X is possible, and MorphOS could read HFS+. USB, network and so on is working, Audio is supported by AHI. MorphOS uses the CybergraphX system (so you can run TVPaint) and uses MUI 4.0. You can download MorphOS 2.4 free, but it slows down after about half an hour. Registration is 150 Euro :-P

My Mini G4 was defective since a long time, but now I'll let him repaired. A beta of MorphOS 3.0 was even running on a Powerbook! Let's see what the future brings.

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Re: MorphOS on Mac Mini
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2009, 04:39:31 PM »

Quote from: Naquaada link=topic=62.msg374#msg374 date=
Registration is 150 Euro :-P

Yeah, that's a bit steep for what is essentially a toy.
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