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Author Topic: HI all you "Wild & Crazy" Guyz!!!!  (Read 4625 times)


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HI all you "Wild & Crazy" Guyz!!!!
« on: September 13, 2017, 03:09:53 PM »


I'm Thierry from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

I post in most places as "Atheist".

Was on Amiga.Org and AmigaWorld.Net. Currently on Apollo Core (Vampire) and Amigans.Net messageboards. Also on face(palm)blech (a Mad ref. :D).

Started using Amigas back in 1989,...... LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!!!!

I saw an advertisement comparing Amiga side-by-side with Atari ST in a magazine ~1986-87. Probably Byte.

Knew that I HAD TO HAVE one of those two computers!!!!!!

But, which one?

In about 1987-88 I was lent an ST for a week, and could not do ANYTHING with it! The person that lent it to me wasn't into games (I don't think I've ever played a game on an Atari ST!!), and was wondering how to access the file system. I couldn't find a way to do it. No dos shell??? Really don't care now (or back then), was effectively a dagger in their chances of me getting it.

Later on, in 1988, I went to one of the FEW (about 8 stores) that carried the Amiga line of computers for a demonstration.... and IMMEDIATELY fell in LOVE with AMIGA!!!!

They showed me 2 or 3 of the NewTek Demo Reels and a glossy photograph of a strawberry that was raytrace generated on an Amiga (at least, I chose to believe it was ;)). Hey, even if they duped me with that picture, I found out that it was 100% possible for an Amiga to do that, a couple of years later!!!!

I bought an Amiga 2000 in 1989 for $2000 and a 1084 monitor for another $500. For $50 more, could have got a 1084S. Bought a stereo with AUX input, never attached it to this day. :(

The Amiga 2000 had 1 megabyte of Chip RAM.

In 1990 I bought the GVP Impact A2000-HC+8 Series II, a SCSI and 8 meg. RAM expansion card. I also got a 180 meg. Fujitsu SCSI hard drive and 2, 4 megabyte SIMMs (they were 70 ns, and they said they were going to send 60. I bought it by mail order and it was going to be near impossible to get what I had paid for, so settled for what I had. Well, it DID work, at any rate). In 1990, I had a full 9 megabyte computer, and ALL the RAM was seen by the OS..... PCs were a JOKE compared to THAT! "Power user" PC owners MAY have had 4 (clunkily accessible) megabytes in their computers, and hard drives for them were, was it a choice of RLL and MFM? Most had 1 or 2 megabytes in their computers.

The only accelerator I've had and used was the Turbo 28 MHz 68000. Can't remember who that was made by. I had to remove my 68000 CPU and put the card into it's socket. Every time I went to 28 MHz mode, it would CRASH right after I accessed the hard drive. I used it close to zero % of the time.

That Amiga 2000 is the only Commodore computer I've owned, set up and used from brand new. A friend gave me their Commodore 64, but I don't have space to set it up. Who knows if it even still works???

Unfortunately, haven't used my A2000 since about 2002. Again, it's a space issue. By now, though, it also probably HAS TO HAVE it's caps replaced. A cost I can't manage!! :( :( :( (I had the battery removed around 1999 or 2000, I think. It slightly leaked, but my 2000 still worked fine. Caught it just in time.)

I plan to get the Vampire standalone and want to then start some HEAVY DUTY AMOS Pro coding!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

P.S. While it seems contradictory to claim "I can't get my Amiga 2000 up and running", and at the same time want a Vampire, there's a considerable amount more involved with working on the A2000. It needs finding a trustworthy repairer, shipping, reverse shipping, probably even customs on MY PROPERTY, and then facing the possibility of other repair expenses beyond that, and eventually having (I regretfully say this) a rather slow computer to use.

Yes, Vampire, my friends, is "THE FUTURE of AMIGA".

I see a future where, compiled AMOS runs on the standalone Vampire motherboard as fast as, even assembler that is hand coded for a 14 MHz 68020 CPU can!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D


(Sorry for the excessive rambling. I tried to limit myself, but had lots to say.)


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Re: HI all you "Wild & Crazy" Guyz!!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2017, 02:22:35 PM »

Hi Thierry, and welcome to the Amos Factory and related forums here on Ultimate Amiga.

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