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Title: Amiga Online: Future of Big Pack 4
Post by: Hungry Horace on November 29, 2007, 12:05:27 PM
Ok, i admit it, an updated pack is definately overdue, my apologies.

now that demonoid has been shut down, i doubt the pack 3 torrent even works, and this is a major push for me to do an update.

unfortunately time is a burden to as all, and to no-one more than myslef lately.

I really want to do this pack right, making things as simple and as uniform as possible. This isnt easy for me to do atm.

This means stuff like;  

The usage of HD folders (hopefully) , so new whdload games can -almost- be "dropped in", by using a 2 HD system (a boot disk and a game disk)

Some Game GUIS - Alien Breed, Lemmings, SWOS all need fixed custom GUIs, and a few others will use a generic thing.

The new kaileraclient.dll  which allows for peer-to-peer connections - although i am dubious about incuding this directly as the server list seems to be broken.

unform kickstars - all packs to use kickstart 3.0 or 1.3 named "kick30.rom" or "kick13.rom" - empty copies of the packs are to be uploaded to the site with a txt file in place of the kick.

I would also like to add an Amiga Online custom version of SWOS with updated teams and gfx. Afterall, its the most played amiga game online, so it should advertise this site!

Providing the kicstarts arent an issue, the new torrent is likely to be tracked on the amiga tracker, (and preferbaly others too) and then it will need to be uploaded to as many torrents sites, and announced on amiga forums as possible.

as you can see, this is going to require more than just an evening in front of the PC - so dont expect result overnight. If anyone wants to help, get in contact and we'll see what can be arranged. (FOL, Mihcael, Skateblind?) - i am always in chat, although a PM might make more sense as i might staart turning off IRC in order to get this stuff done!

Maybe when i have a few simple packs done, someone else can use that as a template for a lot more games i might have missed, to allow me to concentrate on the GUIs and custom stuff.

I will anounce when everything is compiled and we can go from there.

Lets just hope things like PSPUAE guides, music, and real-life work dont get int the way too much!!
Title: Re: Future of Big Pack 4
Post by: Hungry Horace on December 01, 2007, 11:42:05 PM
right, i've created a very simple to use / alter "Booter" for the games.

[removed link - superceeded]

if you drop a whdload slave, (renamed to game1.slave) and the games data into the Disks/DH1/ folder, it should run

you can add a "script#" file that will run instead, into DH1/ as well... thus allowing for using a JST version of a game, or a standard HD installer.

the DH0/Boot/  folder contains some default images,  but adding "loading.iff" - a picture of 320x256x16 - will make the booter use this instead.

Finally, adding "music.med" (Octamed Music format) to the DH0/Boot/  folder will make the booter play this music, simply to fill the space whilst you wait for it to load! - if it is a single game with no whdload wait, i suggest you remove any music.

this should make an update happen much quicker, so get your requests in now!

unfortunately i still want to make a -few- GUIs and custom versions.....


newest additions are:

add a blank 0k text file to Dh0:BOOT/  called 2,3,4 or 5 and it will create a menu for that many games.  There is a set layout for this though, so templates / examples will have to be used, but its only a matter of creating a menu.if file.

adding a 0kb "mouse" file makes the menu use mouse control instead of joystick / keyboard

game1.slave etc is now used by default, script1 etc in DH1: takes priority however over same scripts in S:

Title: Re: Future of Big Pack 4
Post by: Hungry Horace on December 02, 2007, 04:51:30 PM
talking to myself, but frankly i dont care :P

need to use this as a notepad anyway.

Games  for Big Pack 4:


Bloodwych & Extended Levels (saves and super-gui)
Settlers (Save fix)
WipeOut (ADF)
SWOS Amiga Online / SWOS 9697 / Sensible Soccer
Battle Isle + Data Disks (saves)
Hero Quest & Return of the WitchLord / Hero Quest 2 (saves)
Historyline 1914-1918 (saves)


Alien Breed Trilogy (ECS)
Alien Breed Trilogy (AGA)
Arcade Pool / Arcade Snooker
Battle Chess 1 / 2
Body Blows  / Body Blows Galactic (ECS)
Body Blows  / Body Blows Galactic (AGA)
Bubble Bobble / Rainbow Islands / Parasol Stars
Chaos Engine 1 / 2 (ECS)
Chaos Engine 1 / 2 (AGA)
CJ's Elephant Antics / CJ in the USA
Dalek Attack / Doctor Who
Double Dragon 1 / 2 / 3
F1 / F1 World Championship
Garrision 1 / 2
Gauntlet 2 / 3
Graham Gooch World Class Cricket / Graham Gooch World Class Cricket - Test Match Special Edition / Graham Gooch's - Second Innings
Gravity Power / Gravity Force / Gravity Force II / Turbo Raketti
Great Courts 1 / 2
Indy Heat / Super Off Road
Kick Off 1 / 2
Lemmings / Oh No More Lemmings
Llamatron / Revenge of the Mutant Camels
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge / Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 /Lotus III - The Ultimate Challenge
Mortal Kombat / Mortal Kombat II
Pro Tennis Tour / Pro Tennis Tour 2
Silkworm / SWIV
Speedball 1 / 2
Spy vs Spy/ Spy vs Spy II - The Island Caper / Spy vs Spy III - Arctic Antics
Street Fighter/ Street Fighter II - The World Warrior
Tennis Champs / Super Tennis Champs
Tennis Cup / Tennis Cup II
Wayne Gretzky Hockey / Wayne Gretzky Hockey II
World Class Rugby / World Class Rugby - Five Nations Edition / World Class Rugby '95
Worms / Worms Directors Cut

Archer MacLean's Pool / Jimmy White's 'Whirlwind' Snooker
Archon / Archon 2
All Terrain Racing / All Terrain Racing - Christmas Edition
Biplane Duel / Biplane Duel 2 - Salmon-Pink Max / Dogfight
? Brian Lara's Cricket / Brian Lara's Cricket 96
California Games / California Games II
Croak! / Croak 2
Deluxe Galaga / Deluxe Pacman (ECS)
Deluxe Galaga / Deluxe Pacman (AGA)
? Emerald Mine / Emerald Mine II / Emerald Mine 3 Professional
Sensible Soccer 92/93 Meets Bulldog Blighty / Sensible World of Moon Soccer / Unsensible Soccer
Summer Olympiad / Winter Olympiad '88

Others  (some of these may not be worth doing - this list is a WORK IN PROGRESS!!)

4D Sports Boxing
Advanced Ski Simulator
Advantage Tennis
Alien Storm
Alien Syndrome
Allan Border's Cricket
'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun!
Alpha Waves
Altered Beast
American Tag-Team Wrestling
Amiga Karate
ATR - All Terrain Racing
Aunt Arctic Adventure
Bad Company
Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja
Bangkok Knights
Banshee (AGA)
Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior
Base Jumpers
Battle for the Ashes
Beach Volley
Beast Busters
Best of the Best - Championship Karate
Better Dead Than Alien!
Black Shadow
Blood Money
Blue Max - Aces of the Great War
BMX Simulator
Bonanza Bros.
Brain Blasters, The
Brain Man
Brides of Dracula
Brutal - Paws of Fury
Brutal Football - Deluxe Edition (AGA)
Bubble Bobble
Budokan - The Martial Spirit
Bug Bomber
Bump 'N' Burn
Capital Punishment (AGA)
Captain Fizz Meets the Blaster-Trons
Carcharodon - White Sharks
Chambers of Shaolin
Champ, The
Circus Attractions
Combo Racer
Cosmic Spacehead
Crack Down
Crazy Seasons
Cruncher Factory
Cyberball - Football in the 21st Century
Dangerous Streets (AGA)
Dark Century
Death Mask
Death Mask (AGA)
Death Sword
Deep, The
Dizzy Panic
Dogs of War
Donk! - The Samurai Duck!
Donk! - The Samurai Duck! (AGA)
Double Agent
Dr. Mario
Dyna Blaster
Dynamite Dux
Dynasty Wars
E.T.'s Rugby League
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
Empire Soccer 94
Enemy - Tempest of Violence
England Championship Special
Enlightenment - Druid II
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
ESWAT - Cyber Police
European Champions
European Football Champ
FIFA International Soccer
Fightin' Spirit
Fightin' Spirit (AGA)
Final Blow
Final Fight
Fire & Forget
Fire Power
Fist Fighter
Flip-it & Magnose - Water Carriers from Mars
Forgotten Worlds
Full Contact
Future Basketball
Game of Harmony, The
Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot!
Gazza II
Gem Stone Legend
Gemini Wing
Golden Axe
Graeme Souness Vector Soccer
Grand Prix 500 2
Heart of the Dragon
Heavy Metal Heroes
Helter Skelter
Hired Guns
Hot Rod
Hot Rubber
Ian Botham's Cricket
Ikari Warriors
International 3D Tennis
International Ice Hockey
International Soccer
International Truck Racing
Iron Trackers
Italia 1990
Italy 1990
Italy 1990 - Winners Edition
Jaguar XJ220
Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash
Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja
John Madden American Football
Jouster 3
Jupiter's Masterdrive
Karate Kid Part II, The
Karate King
Karting Grand Prix
Kikstart II
Lamborghini American Challenge
Last Duel - Inter Planet War 2012
Lethal Xcess
Limes & Napoleon
Line of Fire
Llamatron - 2112
Lothar Matthaeus - Die Interaktive Fussballsimulation
M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport
Magic Marble
Marble Madness
Master Axe - The Genesis of MysterX
Mega Phoenix
Mega Twins
Metal Masters
Micro Machines
MicroProse Soccer
Midnight Resistance
Minskies Furballs - The Abduction
Minskies Furballs - The Abduction (AGA)
Moonstone - A Hard Days Knight
Naughty Ones
Naughty Ones (AGA)
New York Warriors
Ninja Warriors, The
North & South
Oath, The
Ooops Up
Operation Thunderbolt
Oriental Games
Over the Net
P47 Thunderbolt
Panza Kick Boxing
Passing Shot
Peter Beardsley's International Football
Pipe Dream
Pipe Mania
Power, The
Prehistoric Tale, A
Primal Rage
Pro Boxing Simulator
Pro PowerBoat Simulator
Pro Tennis Simulator
ProSoccer 2190
Puffy's Saga
R.B.I. Two Baseball
Rally Cross Challenge
Real Ghostbusters, The
Rise of the Robots (AGA)
Roketz (AGA)
Roller Coaster Rumbler
Rugby - The World Cup
Scramble Spirits
Second Samurai
Second Samurai (AGA)
Shadow Fighter
Shadow Fighter (AGA)
Shadow Warriors
Shaq-Fu (AGA)
Sierra Soccer - World Challenge Edition
Skeleton Krew (AGA)
Ski or Die
SkidMarks (AGA)
Skull & Crossbones
Slackskin & Flint
Smash T.V.
Sooty & Sweep
Space Gun
Spell Bound
Spitting Image
Street Racer (AGA)
Subtrade - Return to Irata
Super C
Super Cars II
Super Grand Prix
Super Loopz (AGA)
Super Methane Bros
Super Space Invaders
Super Tetris
Table Tennis Simulation
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-op!
Terminator 2 - The Arcade Game
Thomas the Tank Engine 2
Thunder Jaws
Time Bandit
Time Lock
Tiny Troops
Tip Off
Tommy Gun
Top Gear 2
Top Gear 2 (AGA)
Total Carnage (AGA)
Total Football
Tube Warriors (AGA)
Turn n' Burn
U.N. Squadron
Uridium 2
Uridium 2 (AGA)
Victory Road
Virocop (AGA)
Vital Light
War Zone
Watchtower (AGA)
Way of the Little Dragon, The
Wayne Gretzky Hockey
Wayne Gretzky Hockey II
Wembley Rugby League
Wild Cup Soccer
Wiz 'n' Liz
World Championship Soccer
World Class Rugby
World Class Rugby - Five Nations Edition
World Class Rugby '95
World Class Soccer
WWF European Rampage Tour
WWF Wrestle Mania
Yo! Joe!
Zero Gravity
Title: Re: Future of Big Pack 4
Post by: Loki on December 14, 2007, 07:30:43 PM
I've been searching for the game "tanx 'n' stuff"... seems I found pack 3 too late, the torrent is indeed dead  :(

I'm running a multiboot of Ubuntu, OpenSUSE and windowsXP, any chance I can get hold of a version to run in an emulator on any of those?


Title: Re: Future of Big Pack 4
Post by: Hungry Horace on December 15, 2007, 12:50:04 AM
hi there Loki

i'll make sure tanx-n-stuff still gets included in BP4, although i am breaking up the PD packs a bit (hopefully to give us more games!)

if you pop into chat sometime and scream "horace!!" (to see if i'm there), i can always send you over the old version for now.

Windows XP will be your only option for winuae-kaillera, i sadly have had trouble getting it to run at a decent speed dual-booting into XP on my MacBook. I think it is probably a similar problem to that reported by a few other users who attempted to run on Dell Laptops.

I think maybe once the machine is too fast, winuae-kaillera starts to have problems :S  bizarre i know!