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Author Topic: Welcome to Online Amiga Gaming  (Read 4517 times)

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Welcome to Online Amiga Gaming
« on: January 14, 2007, 03:15:54 AM »

On the off-chance of this revised site bringing new-players into the arena, i shall do a brief introduction as to what is going on here.

The idea here is simply to bring together the means to play classic Multiplayer Commodore Amiga games with other people online, and hopefully to also bring together a few of the people who want to do so!

Playing online is currently done by running a special version of the PC WinUAE Amiga Emulator, WinUAE, which has a client for connecting to other copies of itself through a Kaillera server... maybe this sounds confusing, but its very easy to do! We do however, remain open to any other options that might be presented as to how to play Amiga games online... although at present, no better option than Kaillera is known.

Many great games have been compiled into unique packages for playing online in this way, and so (as a gamer) all you should need to be able to do, is download one of the gamepacks, unpack it, run the emulator, and link games with a friend... For those still in the dark, there is a guide provided on the forum for how to go about doing this.

If you would like any help on getting in on this action, and / or fancy playing anyone else on this site at a few games, feel free to join up and be vocal as to your intents!

May we all continue to play multiplayer Amiga games for many years!
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