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Title: This weeks Humble Pie mp3!
Post by: MadAngus on October 13, 2012, 11:26:12 AM
Right folks for this week I need a new Humble Pie mp3! for the front page, so if you've created a music mod or a piece of game music submit it here.

Say about 1 - 3 mins, in mp3 format. Nothing rude.

Must be your own work.

Posted on UltimateAmiga, EAB and AmiBay. earliest submission in between these sites (only one), gets used.

I won't be archiving the Humble Pie mp3's, they'll be replaced each week, that is unless the community wants them archived.

The mp3 will be updated late Sunday night.

Once an mp3 is chosen, all mp3 file submissions will be deleted.

[Edit 14/10/12] The author would get credited on the front page with a link to their web page. Also if the author permits it the mp3's could be archived with the credit and web link.