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Author Topic: Looking for the Turbo Plus Extension V 2.15 for Amos Pro (New QUESTION!)  (Read 7404 times)


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I Can not find any other document and can not find the Turbo scene editor itself.  So, apparently Turbo Plus has some great tile map support, but I cant find it!  Am I misunderstanding this?

Yup. I just tried it. It's a shame. its really an awesome map editor. 

Hello everyone!  Sorry to bring up a really old post.

My name is Cecil Meeks (cbmeeks) and I am the original author of the Turbo Plus Scene Editor.  I found this post online because I was reminiscing about my Amiga days and wondered if anyone ever used the map editor I wrote.

I won't go into the entire story here (unless people are interested) but basically, I wrote the Turbo Plus Scene Editor (formerly called Game Mapper) back when I was around 20 years old (48 now...jeesh).  I wrote it on my Amiga 1200HD.

Back then, I worked with a man named Ryan Scott and he had somehow gotten my map editor (along with some other software he wrote) into an issue of CU Amiga.  I was a published developer!!!   (LMAO!!)

Decades go by and me being American never really got a lot of Amiga magazines and I never saw my "publication".

Fast forward to 2020, and I'm chatting with my good friend over at the Digital Orphanage (https://twitter.com/TheDigitalOrph) about how I wrote the map editor and it was published but I never knew how to find it.  20 minutes later, he found it!  Both on Archive.org and on eBay.


I ramble on.  So that same year in 2020, I decided to see if my original source code was still on my Amiga 1200.  Yes, I still have it and recapped it a few years ago.  So I knew it worked.  But was the ORIGINAL hard drive dead?

Short answer is NO!  It still worked.  Not only that, I found my original source code to the Turbo Plus Scene Editor!

The next problem I had was how to get it over to my PC?  I had a PCMCIA to CF card adapter but when I put a CF card in the Amiga, it was never recognized.  After some research I discovered I needed some drivers.  But how to get the drivers on the Amiga??

Then I remembered I had a WiModem232.  And, as luck would have it, there was already a terminal program on my Amiga.  So I configured the modem and connected to it from my PC using Putty.  I then transferred the drivers over and now I had a formatted CF card in my Amiga. 

Short drag-n-drop later and for the first time in 26 years, my source code was backed up to my modern PC.   :-D

OK, sorry...I said I wouldn't get into the details but I couldn't resist.

So today I thought I would release everything I got on GitHub.  Warts and all (be kind...I was only 20 at the time!).


Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions.  I've seriously thought about getting back into AMOS lately.

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Hey Cecil

Great to see you hear and massive thanks for both your work 'back in the day' and for still digging this out now for us to all enjoy!!

Things here are a little quiet, but we still have a very Active AMOS group on facebook:

Perhaps you dont know, but there is still an AGA AMOS in development, and the availabilty of your source code would be welcomed in order to ensure it is still supported, or adapted to work with AGA tiles!
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