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2020 Dec 01 11:28:41
Well new christmas script worked. It auto changed to Christmas stuff.  ;D


2019 May 21 04:38:54
A little chatbot i have programed to sing a little song at yout input have a look https://www.facebook.com/Toolkitman/videos/2337252899896210/?epa=SEARCH_BOX


2019 Mar 01 11:35:40
Have a look at my 16bit AMIGA Demoscene built with the software i have programmed https://www.facebook.com/Toolkitman1/videos/10218277190552231/


2019 Feb 12 15:26:17
Hi FOL, i hope you all old team is ok..


2019 Feb 11 09:22:17
If anyone is interested in new Amiga hardware with possibility to run various configuration just made by me and also to run os 3.1.4 or previuos have a look here, if i sell this one can be there will be other in future http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/724-53478-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campi


2019 Jan 23 16:57:33
Hey Anemos, Long time no see.  ;)


2019 Jan 19 23:01:59


2018 Dec 25 21:06:39
Merry Christmas  ;D


2018 Dec 14 09:07:10
Feels alot like Christmas, :)

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We have released a new version of PSPUAE, changes / improvements are listed below.
Have reuploaded, as the Readme contained some minor mistakes.

 - new autoframeskip logic with fps limiting for both PAL and NTSC
 - real 4 channel stereo
 - Added new Menu User Interface (Menu Graphics by The Chaos Engine (from our forums))
 - Immediate Blits (Helps with...

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Hi, just thought I would post to keep you all up to date as to whats going on with the current BETA for next version.

Features include

 - new autoframeskip logic with fps limiting for both PAL and NTSC
 - real 4 channel stereo
 - fixed a couple of menu bugs
 - Immediate Blits (Helps with compatability)
 - Blitter Cycle Exact (Helps with compatability)Read More

If, like me you updated and dont want to use the V1.50 EBOOT or your new to DA 2.71 SE, you now have the option to use this repacked EBOOT. It runs exactly the same, so there is no difference, apart from you can stick this 1 in the game folder and it will run fine.

Have been working on it all day more or less. Have updated the USER display, and grouped everything better. I have also fixed alot of bugs that existed, so should be absolutely perfect.

If you make an error, while adding something, then PM FOL or Hungry Horace and we will gladly correct the errors. Im sure Horace will love correcting errors now once he see`s the new version of the...

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