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Author Topic: Bugs & Quirks of Editing  (Read 2704 times)

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Bugs & Quirks of Editing
« on: January 24, 2016, 03:01:21 PM »

Just a place to pen down some of the oddities i've encountered during my time editing Book of Skulls.

Some won't be avoided unless your aware of them, but if possible i will put checks in my editor.

1-  Floor 0 , Location X 0 Y 0  on 1 player mode.

This location hosts a 'phantom' player 2, even in 1 player moder. As such, monsters will walk towards it, and when they step into the location they will appear as a black 'star' spell image.

Avoid this through a number of ways:
- Dont have any monsters on your lowest floor (i think the original does this)
- Make your lowest floor a 1x1 size floor and dont use it!
- Place a wall in the x0 y0 spot (doesnt avoid it completly, but avoids the wierd star)

Consectutive monster 'teams' of 4

When you team-up monsters, they are given consecutive numbers (00,01,02,03 for example) .... monsters not in a team are marked $FF.

Avoid any team of four (e.g 00,01,02,03) being followed by *any* team (e.g. 04,05)  will result in confustion of monsters going haywire when attacked, some not appearing where intended etc.

Avoid this by:
including a 'non' teamed monster in between any monster teams. Although not essential for teams of less than 4, doing this with every one avoids the possibility of problems occuring.

Re-Using Switches / Triggers on other Floors

When a switch or trigger is activated, many of the actions affect a specific X/Y location, but not a floor.  This means that the activity can be 're-used' on other floors, allowing you to include more traps/switches than ever before!

I am sure i have checked this is OK on 2 player mode, but it would be a good idea to verify this again! (to ensure that if both players are on different floors, only the floor it is activated on is affected)

The original game *doesnt* repeat activities in this way, except at one part in Extended Levels.

Re-Using Switches from the 'next' Tower/Dungeon

Similar to the above. You are only given the chance to fit  16 switches into the data block for switches... although the 'value' assigned to a switch can be higher.

What happens if you select swith number 17, is that switch number 1 of the *next* tower is used. Is this a problem?  Not if you remember you have done this when it comes to editing the next tower. 

Also, you dont have the option of doing this on the final tower/dungeon (zendick tower, or dragon dungeon on BEXT)
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