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Author Topic: WinUAE-Kaillera running slow? Here are some possible fixes.  (Read 3671 times)


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WinUAE-Kaillera running slow? Here are some possible fixes.
« on: February 05, 2007, 02:31:35 AM »

A friend of mine recently said that all versions of WinUAE and kaillera run slow on his Dell laptop. This is usually caused by Windows XP thinking WinUAE doesn't need as much cpu time as it should and so only assign very little power to it.
I found this on the http://www.sensiblesoccer.de forums and it sounds exactly like the problems he had.


The link above is to a topic concerning a program called Speed SwitchXP, it tells XP to allow full cpu power to any program running and not what it thinks it needs. So if your fps is in the 20-40 range, even offline, then I would suggest trying this.

This thread below also has lots of other helpfull suggestion to get WinUAE running nicely, dont worry, its not Sensible Soccer specific.


Hope this helps and if anyone has any problems, then just post what problems your having on our forums and someone will try to help.
A few small bits of info on your computer, internet connection and general setup will help us get a solution to you sooner.

I'm also having slow down problems as well, but only after about 5 minutes of play. I closed my firewall and virus checker, and that seemed to help, but still started slowing down eventually. Im on a wifi connection, so I connected it directly to my cable modem and that seemed to make it last longer, but eventually, the frame rate dropped again. Now the only thing thats left, unless someone else can think of some more ideas, is that my ISP is slowing down the Kaillera connection. I've also heard that if you put your ISP's name or some sort of advertising for your ISP into the config file or somewhere like that, then eventually someone at the hub will see it. They will then think that it is good advertising and let you play without slowing down the traffic coming from WinUAE-Kaillera.
NTL seems to be one of those providers,  alot of people have problems with them, like me.

#EDIT# This friend of mine said that none of the above worked, so I told him to run multiple WinUAE-Kaillera windows and it shot his frame rate to above 40 fps. This is still caused by Windows not letting it have enough CPU power, but for some reason all the CPU programs he tried did not work. I will update this post when I find another way round it. You might want to try running different programs behind your game and see what happens to the FPS.#EDIT#

Hope that helps!
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