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Title: Bloodwych - Atari ST demo levels - on Amiga
Post by: Hungry Horace on March 24, 2021, 09:28:23 PM
Hi all

For those in the Crypt of Bloodwych, I have extracted the levels, graphics and stats data from the Atari ST exclusive demo, and patched them into a version of the Amiga binary.

I had to do some minor adaptations to account for differences in the game data.

You can get a copy here: https://djcresswell.com/bloodwych/files/BloodwychDemo.lha which runs using the CUSTOM= tooltype on the WHDLoad slave. At some point I might make an ADF.

There's a couple of 'exclusive' bits in there which arent in the full game. The original demo was also impossibly difficult (due to some missing data) so I've used my own judgement to make it work; do let me know if the monsters are too hard or too easy.

I dont consider it final, because at the moment it uses the original game end screen, and I'd like to see if i can patch in the end screen from the Demo instead.

Hope a few of you will enjoy it.